Having over twenty years of experience in IT.
I thought it was time to share some of that knowledge and experience.
So I've created this blog. Here you can read loads of stuff about IT. How to do things, how not to do things. Why things are the way they are. and so forth.
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Time, the most scarce commodity of all
As I'm getting older, my perspective on time changes.
I used to think that being busy was good, "I have loads to do so no time to waste", that sort of thing.
And as a IT consultant in many company sorts and sizes, I have seen many people that have the same mantra.
The phrase, I have no time is probably the most used phrase in the business.
At the time, I thought it was a valid answer or respons. It meant that we were very busy, had lots to do, just not the thing they were asking for, cause we had no time... .
Whether or not the "being busy" was valid is not todays topic, today I want to talk about the way in which we use our time.
How we communicate about our time and how that message is perceived.

If you work in a company of reasonable size, I'm sure you will have attended countless meetings that stumbled on or even ended with the lack of time.
We have no time for that.
You want to talk to me about this project but I have no time.
If only I had more time I would build my dream.

It's as if time is putting up roadblocks on the path of our life.

Yet, Time isn't relative at all, For us mere mortals, time is very fixed. It's 3600 seconds in an hour, 24 hours in day, 7 days in a week
365 days in a year, give or take a leap second here and there, Every 4 years we have a leap year. every 100 we don't and every 400 we do.
So time isn't relative at all, We know exactly how much of it there is for years to come.

And we even know what we will do with it for years to come.
We have to sleep 8 hours a day, or according to the latest study on the subject 6h 52 min per day.
We have to work work work work work 8 to 10 hours a day.
We have to go to and get back from work. We have to get grossery's, do sports, etc, etc, etc ...

We do have time and we are using all of it.

So, ...... What does it really mean when someone tells you that they have no time for whatever it is you are asking them.

It means that they have no time for you, It means that all the other things that they are doing are more important to them than what you are asking for.
So, I have no time doesn't mean, I have no time,
It means: I do not want to spend some of my time available to me on .... you.
What you are asking me is not important enough to make me want to shift all the other stuff i'm doing.

But maybe it's a figure of speech, maybe it's just an expression.
Maybe we are all asking the wrong question and are getting the wrong answer because of that.

Maybe we should all start asking:
When would you have the time to do this for me.
in IT, time is in short demand.
If you would ask anyone in a medium size company that has a IT departement what IT is doing, the answer would be.

We have no clue what they are doing but it is sure taking very long.

And that is the biggest mistake the IT departement will ever make.
Most IT departements do not communicate properly about their time usage or why they have to do all the things they have to do.
And yet, It looks so simple, proper planning, a clear look on where all the time goes looks like a achievable goal in any organisation.

As a Project Manager, Time management is what I really did on many assignments, but even more than that and much more important, I aslways try to educate the members of my team on the importance of realistic, truthfull communication about their time usage.
It looks straightforward and easy but it's one of the most involving tasks for a Project Manager.
It's a continuous effort and I cannot stress its importance enough.
The benifits of being on top of things are immidiate, If you drop the ball, the penalty is also immidiate.

Time is what is all about and "I'm busy" means nothing.
If there is one thing to learn about time, it's not that it's relative but that it is scarce and finite.
Hmmm, that's actually two things.

Anyway, Thank you for your time.
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